About Us

Protecting The Public

The MCA Regulatory Board:

  • sets requirements for entry into the profession
  • registers and licenses chiropractors
  • sets standards of practice and a code of ethics for professional practice
  • monitors chiropractic competence through a quality assurance program
  • investigates complaints and reports against chiropractors, and
  • disciplines those members who have committed acts of professional misconduct or who are determined to be incompetent or incapacitated

Before being allowed to practice as a chiropractor in Manitoba, chiropractors must:

  • graduate from an accredited chiropractic college; and
  • pass national and provincial licensing examinations
  • Applicants must also meet the requirements of Employment and Immigration Canada and demonstrate a reasonable fluency in either English or French.

The Regulatory Board is also responsible for handling of any complaints that may arise in Manitoba related to the delivery of chiropractic services.