Becoming a Chiropractor

In Canada, chiropractors require a minimum of seven years post-secondary education.

Before acceptance into a chiropractic college, students must first complete a minimum of three years of undergraduate studies. Chiropractic College involves an intensive four -year academic program in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, pathology, orthopedics, neurology, radiology (x-ray), chiropractic technique, philosophy, public health, nutrition, disease prevention, rehabilitation and more.

Chiropractic students undergo hundreds of hours of specialized training in spinal adjustments. This extensive education and training prepares chiropractors to be skilled primary care providers.

To ensure that graduating doctors of chiropractic are equipped with the highest level of skill and clinical experience, Chiropractor’s training involves several hundred hours of internship in which they care for patients in outpatient clinics under the supervision of experienced clinicians. Once in practice, continued competency is maintained through ongoing continuing education.

After they successfully complete this education process, chiropractors in Manitoba must register with the MCA to practice in Manitoba They must meet the MCA registration requirements including passing national CCEB board exams. To maintain their registration and license, chiropractors must also remain active MCA members and maintain their professional competency.

The vast majority of Chiropractors in Manitoba work solo in their own clinic or with an associate.