Regulations and Practices

The practice of chiropractic in Manitoba is governed by The Chiropractic Act and regulations. The MCA is the professional regulatory body for the more than 250 doctors of chiropractic in Manitoba. A new Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) was passed in 2009 and will eventually replace the Chiropractic Act.

The provincial government, through the Chiropractic Act, confers to the MCA the responsibility to license doctors of chiropractic and regulate the practice of chiropractic.

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Chiropractic Regulations

Chiropractic Code of Ethics

Complaints Process Pamphlet

Reserved Actions

Under the new Regulated Health Professions Act, there is a listing of 22 actions that are considered harmful if performed by someone not authorized to do so. The government will seek application from health professions for the granting of specific reserved actions – those actions which the government deems the profession competent to perform.

Standards of Practice (SOP)

Standards of Practice are reflected in legislation. Covering a variety of subjects, Standards of Practice guide members of the profession in the delivery of health care services and ensure the quality of the services provided. They also promote continuing competence among members. Contravening or failing to maintain a standard of practice is an act of professional misconduct and may lead to disciplinary action.


The MCA is granted its regulatory powers through The Chiropractic Act. In addition the profession is governed by a set of regulations drawn up by government and a set of by-laws as approved by the membership at large.

The MCA regulatory framework is composed of these three documents accompanied by various Standards of Practice, a Code of Ethics, Practice Directives and Regulatory Notices. This body of legislation makes up the framework which guides and directs the MCA in their mission of fostering and ensuring the highest standard of chiropractic healthcare for all Manitobans.

Complaints Process

As the professional regulatory body for Doctors of Chiropractic in Manitoba, our primary responsibility is to protect the public. To this end, the MCA uses a complaints process as empowered by legislation (The Chiropractic Act) to address allegations of unacceptable conduct and practice by any Manitoba Chiropractor.

More Information: Complaints Process Pamphlet.

Where there is concern about a doctor of chiropractic, the patient can write a letter to the MCA to the attention of the Complaints Committee.

The chiropractor is notified on the specifics and is required to respond in writing back to the committee. The chiropractor is instructed from the onset that there is to be no contact with the complainant of any form.  Where appropriate to do so, the Complaints Committee will seek to facilitate an informal resolution. Where the matter is not suitable for informal resolution, the Complaints Committee will request the appointment of an investigator to the file. Based on the evidence collected, charges may be laid and a hearing in front of a panel of his/her peers will be held.